IHWS-1400 2-FT KL

The excellent versatility of the INTEGRA IHWS-1400 2-FT KL sets it apart.

Its practical hook lift system guarantees that the system can be quickly moved from one location to another with minimal effort.

The throughput of the INTEGRA IHWS-1400 2-FT KL is also 130 t/h with a purity of > 99% and large grain separation of 300 mm edge length.

This type of system delivers optimum results in the mid-grain range of 8 to 45 mm and is therefore ideal for the following applications: rubble, slag, residual waste, construction mixed waste, topsoil, compost processing, alternative fuels and scrap iron.

Its robust and durable construction with excellent throughput set this model apart.

We would be glad to explain the details to you.


  • Hook-lift system DIN 30722
  • Separator feed belt: AA:3400 mm, GB:1400 mm, frequency-controlled
  • Separating drum d:800 mm (Hardox shell), frequency-controlled
  • Fan: 2x 22 kW, frequency-controlled
  • Two-nozzle system
  • Heavy material feed belt, non-standard design, hydraulically hinged
    AA: 5560 mm, GB:800 mm, inclined conveyor belt with 32 mm V-profile
    Includes magnetic drum, Fe discharge outlet and stainless steel slide
  • 100 kVA power generator

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