IWS-1800 2-FT

The INTEGRA IWS-1800 2-FT KL wind separator is the professional system delivering a large capacity in the mid-grain range of 8 to 45 mm.

Designed as a “semi-mobile system”, it can be flexibly moved at any time, with all the benefits and static qualities of a stationery system.

The INTEGRA IWS-1800 2-FT KL is designed for a high throughput of >130 t/h with large grain separation of 300 mm edge length and a purity of over 99 %.

The main applications of the INTEGRA IWS-1800 2-FT KL include: rubble, slag, residual waste, mixed construction waste, alternative fuels, scrap iron, topsoil and compost processing.

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  • Hook-lift system DIN 30722
  • Separator feed belt: AA:3600 mm, GB:1800 mm, frequency-controlled
  • Separating drum d:800 mm (Hardox shell), frequency-controlled
  • Fan: 2x 30 kW, frequency-controlled
  • Two-nozzle system (adjustable discharge angle)
  • Heavy material feed belt, optional