Power HWS-1000 KL

The INTEGRA Power HWS-1000 KL wind separator with hook-lift system is ideal for use on construction sites.

The mobile system is flexible and so rapidly ready for use. It delivers a throughput of up to 80 t/h with a purity of over 99 % and large grain separation of up to max. 250 mm.

The main uses of the Power HWS-1000 KL include rubble and construction mixed waste, as well as topsoil and compost processing. The INTEGRA Power HWS-1000 KL can also be used for alternative fuels, scrap iron or slag.

We would be pleased to demonstrate the details or test your own feed material. Get in touch with us!


  • Hook-lift system DIN 30722
  • Separator feed belt: AA:3400 mm, GB:1000 mm, frequency-controlled
  • Separating drum d:500 mm, frequency-controlled
  • Fan: 1x 30 kW, frequency-controlled
  • Single-nozzle system (adjustable discharge angle), optional two-nozzle system
  • Heavy material feed belt, non-standard design, hydraulically hinged
    AA: 3160 mm, GB:650 mm, inclined conveyor belt with 32 mm V-profile
    Includes magnetic drum, Fe discharge outlet and stainless steel slide
  • 100 kVA power generator

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